World tracking motion controls
for mobile VR without
additional accessories

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It’s less expensive and easier to set up

To use AVR you only need a mobile VR headset,
two smartphones and the AVR app. That’s it.

  • Less expensive
  • Same experience
  • No wasted stuff
  • No cables or sensors

World tracking without sensors. How?

Using Apple’s ARKit technology an iOS based device can recognize it’s surroundings and determine it’s world-space position based on data from the camera, gyroscope, compass, accelerometer and GPS. Using this technology, we can transmit the remote phone’s position via a server hosted by the headset phone and render it’s model.

It’s easy to integrate for developers

AVR SDK currently supports the Unity Engine. To integrate AVR in your game, you simply have to import the AVR SDK package and insert some prefabs. The remote app is universal and it’s used throughout all AVR supported games.

SDK coming soon!

Instructions for demo

Make sure you follow these steps in order to have the best possible experience!

  • Download apps
  • Look north! (0°N)
  • Start both apps
  • Be on the same Wi-Fi
  • Connect devices
  • Put phone to your face
  • Hit Esc/Back to calibrate
  • Have fun!

How can I try ?

AVR is in really early stage of development, but if you have the required things lying around, you can download the Remote app to your iPhone and the AVR tech demo to your headset.

AVR Tech Demo

Supports GearVR
& Cardboard

Download for Windows
Download for macOS

AVR Remote

AVR ARKit v0.1.1

AVR ARCore (Soon)